Russian dog rides a street car

This dog lives in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Much like the homeless dogs in Moscow who make ample use of the capital's subway, he rides a street car. Always getting on at the same stop, this canine commuter travels to one of the local university's cafeterias. Stays there a while and then returns using the same route.

A disappointing submersible (1886)

The top picture makes one believe that this submarine, known as The Goubet, is a sizable vessel. Far from being so, I'm afraid. A gentleman would have to remove his hat to be comfortable inside this sub, and a gentleman would never do that!


Illustration for a steampunk novel

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have gathered you here so you can observe from a perfect vantage point the destruction of the entire human civilization. Prepare to witness the awesome power of my electrostatic steam-ray gun!", said Prof. Ubelmauer before bursting into maniacal laughter.

The actual image is of the "world's tallest chimney" in Kearny, NJ. I assume that the chimney was not operational at the time.


This looks unsafe for the use in one's swimming pool, let alone on top of the salty brine.

Electric belt

"All in search of health should wear..." I wonder if it's DC or AC.

Deception in advertising

A classic example of a deceptive ad. Unless you read the fine print you will think that the Prince of Wales needs a governess at 1,000 pounds a year. If you look closely, the ad announces an actors benefit. No idea how they managed to get away wit this, especially using the official V. R. logo.


How to sit down without chairs

"A regiment of soldiers sitting as above, and forming a circle, can all rest comfortably on each others knees."

Comfortably, really? How about sitting down on the ground?